When the weather is cold, PLEASE leave the heat on 55 minimum when you’re not at the house or when you’re departing.  It does NOT need to stay on in the bedrooms, but please make sure the basement and living room are both at 55 degrees so that the pipes do not freeze.


The keypad code and lockbox code was provided in the welcome email. There are two sets of keys in the lockbox in case the keypad doesn’t work. Please only take one set out at a time, this way if you lock yourself out on accident, you can easily retrieve the spare set to let yourself back in.


There is a full schedule of activities for adults & kids during summer months, and frequently there are activities during fall/winter & spring.  Go to the website and print it out (http://www.wleonline.org/lists/activitysheet.pdf ).  I would recommend going by the administration office and getting a printed activity list when you arrive because they sometimes change the schedule around depending on availability of Recreation personnel.  ALSO, in the summer, check the signs posted in front of the Beaver Lodge because sometimes “ad hoc” activities are organized and this is how they advertise them. For each activity, ALL are welcome and there’s usually no charge (except ceramics and it’s very inexpensive.  It’s only PAINTING the ceramic pieces that you purchase…it’s not actually making the ceramics)


There is NO Garbage pickup here.  You must bag your garbage and bring it to the garbage disposal. The garbage disposal facility is near the Rockledge Pool on the left side (see map of community which you can print off the website).  DO NOT leave garbage outdoors in the evening. The bags will be ripped apart by raccoons, deer, etc.


Place the vehicle placard found at the house in your car. If you don’t see the placard please head to the main office and ask for a replacement.

AMENITIES (Pool, beach, etc..)

Go to the community’s website and print out a copy of the community MAP:  www.wleonline.org, you can find it there.  Generally, the pools open on Memorial Day and close on Labor Day…but it all depends on the availability of lifeguards, which are college students.  So sometimes they will have the pool open earlier or later in the season. You can call the office to find out.

You MUST wear your amenity badges (they’re located in the little draw next to the refrigerator), but please be sure to LEAVE them for the next guests to the pools, beaches and any organized activities.

There are two outdoor pools and one indoor pool.  The two outdoor pools are Rockledge Pool (right up the street from us) and the Beaver Lodge Pool, which is on the other side of the community (see map of community).  The indoor pool is at the Adult Lodge. If you want to know if the indoor pool is open, call the main office. But whenever there is rainstorm or thunder, they usually open the indoor pool to accommodate all the people at the beaches and pools.  When the outdoor pools are closed for the season, the indoor pool is open on more of a regular basis.

There are two lakes and both have “beaches” for those of you who prefer your lake less “mucky”…there’s sand for the kids to play in and there are roped off swimming areas with lifeguards. Our beach (Deer Lake Beach) is right down the street and has a playground in the woods there.  There are also restrooms, water fountain and soda machines at each beach. Beaver Beach is on the other side of the community (past the Rockledge Pool). Most beaches & pools open at 11am (the indoor pool is different so call the office)


We stock the house with loads and loads of wood!! You are welcome to use the fireplace and firepit, but PLEASE clean them out after you use them as this is NOT included in the cleaning that the cleaning service performs. The damper is to be closed at all times that the fireplace is NOT being used, but always remember to OPEN the damper before lighting a fire or the house will quickly fill up with smoke. The damper is a bit tough to find. Reach your hand up and under the frame of the fireplace near the upper left to locate the damper.


Use the screen for the outdoor firepit. The community cracks down hard for not using it. The fine is $100 for the first offense and $200 for each additional. This will be take out of your security deposit if found to not be in compliance.


We stock the kitchen with everything you need to cook. Pots, pans, knives, kitchen bowls, measuring cups, blender, roasting pan, cutting boards, etc…

The nearest grocery store is WEIS Supermarket, which is on Route 590 in Hamlin.  If you continue on Goosepond Road PAST the Ledgedale BBQ Pit about 2 miles, it’ll meet Route 590….make the left onto Rt. 590 and continue straight….you’ll pass a CVS on the right and then you’re in Hamlin….the WEIS market will be on your right side.  As you continue straight you’ll see some restaurants and there’s also a McDonald’s a couple of miles down on the left.

The refrigerator in the kitchen does not have an ice maker. If you want ice right away, you’ll need to buy it in town. If you can wait a bit, there are ice trays in the freezer.


Currently, the hot tub guy (Ben) services the hot tub on Thrusdays between 2pm-6pm.

It’s very easy to use….Lift up the top with the help of someone strong, and slide it over to the side until you’re done.  Climb into the hot tub and then you can decide how hot you want it (it’s takes a WHILE to get hot….right now it’s just sitting WARM, so if you like it hot I would set it that way about 2-3 hours ahead of the time you want to go in).  You can use the bubbles, the jets, etc. But only use those buttons (temp up/down, bubbles, jets)…please don’t press the numbers. Please do NOT wear lotions, sunscreens, hair oils, gels, etc. All of these will block up the filter and the hot tub may not work properly.  When you are done, be sure the bubbles/jets are turned off and the heat is at a WARM level as you found it. Put the top back on (or the water will evaporate), put the step stool back on top (so little kids can’t get access). If you splash too much water out, or if you leave it open and too much water evaporates, the hot tub will not work properly .  You must refill the water to the level of about halfway up the square opening (which is the intake for the heating mechanism). Once the water starts flowing into that, it will work properly again.


The grill is hooked up to the propane tank….I have two tanks at the house.  If you run out of propane during your stay, get a tank refilled and send me a picture of your receipt and I will reimburse you for the gas. The best place to get gas is Locklins in Hamlin:

Locklin’s Bottled Gas

RR 590, Hamlin, PA 18427

The BBQ tools are usually located inside or under the BBQ.


The house is equipped with Wifi.  The passcode is 6calypso.  The router is located upstairs behind the TV/Fireplace.


Check out our website: www.poconofountainhouse.com for an up to date list on attractions in the area.


Before departure please be sure to do the following:

  • Leave by 11am. THIS IS VITAL. Our property manager has limited time between guests and needs all this time to help prepare the house for the next family. Her charge is $100 for every 15 minutes you are over. We have to pass that charge onto you by withholding it from your security deposit.
  • Take out all trash to the community dumpster/incinerator.
  • Load and run the dishwasher.
  • Lock all doors and close all windows.
  • Make sure all kitchen appliances and lights are  turned off.
  • Please be sure to remove perishable items from the kitchen; if you’d like to leave non-perishables, you are more than welcome to do so.
  • Wash, dry, and fold linens and place them back in the closet (if you used house supplies).
  • In the winter, turn heat to 55º F before you leave.
  • In the summer, turn air conditioner OFF and make sure all ceiling fan is OFF (heat off too).
  • Put the kayaks and paddles back in the basement.
  • Return TV remote to the mantle.
  • Return the futon to couch mode. (Our cleaning lady is a bit older and can’t lift it back into position).
  • Leave the key where you found it for the cleaning crew to pick up.

Have a safe journey home!

Also, we’d love to have you RATE the house on our website, just give it a ranking of 1 to 5 (5 being best).  Go to www.homeaway.com and property ID# 3573521.   Also be sure to sign our guest book at the house!


Shawn & Christine Abbott