In the bedroom with the twin beds we’ve added a PS4 with a bunch of games loaded on to the hard drive.

We also have an XBOX 360 for your enjoyment in the loft. Games are located in the left hand part of the console. Sometimes people move controllers around so you might have to search drawers to find those.

In the main bedroom there is a small computer called a Raspberry Pi (about the size of deck of cards). It has a ton of games from the original Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis and more! Plug the HDMI into it and connect to the TV. Connect the microUSB power to it. Plug in the Super Nintendo USB controllers and turn the TV to the proper input. Once there you should be greeted with an almost unlimited amount of games to pick from.

The MAME system is based on video games that were actually in the arcade. This can be a little tricky to get going. Follow the link below and after a few minutes you should be able to get the games up and going. If that seems like a hassle (and honestly, sometimes it is)…feel free to stick to the other systems. Have fun!

A lot more info can be found online: