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We switched from cable service to ROKU’s to simplify your viewing experience (we we’re having a lot of confusion with the cable boxes). We understand that not everybody is familiar with ROKU, so here we’ll give you some tips and tricks to navigate the system. If the ROKU remote isn’t working with the TV please let us know so we can fix for the next guest. You can also download the ROKU app to control the TV. As long as your phone and the ROKU are connected to the same WiFi network all you have to do is select devices and select the device you want to control. Once you have that you should be able to navigate the screen with your phone.

The Home (looks like a house) button on the remote. If you press this enough time it will take you to the home screen on the ROKU. From there you’ll see some menus on the right (Home, My Feed, Movie Store, News, Search, Streaming Channels, etc…). Just simply press to the right to access the channels we subscribe to. Here is a list of the major services you can access:

YouTube TV (you can stream live TV: ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, FX, TNT, TBS, BET, Nickelodeon, Disney, USA, Comedy Central, History Channel and many more).

HBO (Under Youtube TV)
Showtime (Under Youtube TV)

We also carry a large library of movies we’ve collected over the years. These are located on the PLEX App in the Roku channel listing. Feel free to browse and enjoy this selection of titles (if we’re missing something, let me know!).