Shawn Cell: 585-880-3140
Christine Cell: 917-498-2877

Keypad | Lockbox Code: Sent via the welcome email.

Check In: 3pm
Check Out: 11am

Head to the office to get the hanging WLE placards for your vehicle. The administration office is located at “B” on the map. The should be located just outside the door in a marked location for pickup. If you don’t see your placard(s), just pop into the office and give them your car info..

-Take out all trash to the community dumpster.
-Run dishwasher and put away dishes.
-Replace window treatments if taken down.
-Make sure all kitchen appliances and lights are turned off.
-Please be sure to remove perishable items from the kitchen; if you’d like to leave non-perishables, you are more than welcome to do so.

-Strip beds and place all used linens at the bottom of the linen closet.

-Place the cover back onto the hot tub and place the chemical dispenser inside the tub.
-Put the kayaks and paddles under the deck beneath the stairs. Please hang paddles on the hooks.
-Return outdoor seat cushions to the deck box.
-Clean up all trash.

Heat | AC
-Turn heat to 55 degrees F before you leave.
-Turn air conditioner OFF and make sure all ceiling fan is OFF.

-Return TV remotes to their respective baskets.
-Check to make sure there are the same number of community badges in the drawer as when you arrived.
-Lock all doors and close all windows.
-If used, leave the key(s) in the lockbox for the cleaning crew to pick up.