The hot tub is one of our favorite features of the house. Below are the essential operating instructions:Lift up the top with the help of someone strong, and slide it over to the side until you’re done.

The default setting for the water temperature is warm. If you like on the hot side, adjust to your desired temp 2-3 hours before you want to get in.

You can use the bubbles, the jets, etc.  But only use those buttons (temp up/down, bubbles, jets). Please don’t press any other buttons.

Please do NOT wear lotions, sunscreens, hair oils, gels, etc.  All of these will  damage the filter and the hot tub.

When you are done, be sure the bubbles/jets are turned off and the temperature is set to warm, just the way you found it.

Put the top back on (or the water will evaporate). Put the step stool back on top (so little kids can’t get access). Please place the chemical dispenser back into the tub to keep it fresh.

If you splash too much water out, or if you leave it open and too much water evaporates, the hot tub will not work properly.  You must refill the water to the level of about halfway up the square opening (which is the intake for the heating mechanism).  Once the water starts flowing into that, it will work properly again.

Ben, our terrific hot tub guy, services the hot tub every Wednesday or Thursday. He typically arrives between 2pm-6pm.