As of 2020 the house now has a propane fireplace! With the simple touch of a button from the fireplace remote you can have a fire glowing in seconds.

Further instructions on using the fireplace remote can be found here:

Enjoy the outdoor firepit. And please clean up the area for the next guest. The screen for the fire pit should be used at all times to comply with the community code. The community cracks down hard for not using it. The fine is $100 for the first offense and $200 for each additional. This will be take out of your security deposit if found to not be in compliance.

Firewood can be purchased at a few different roadside stands you’ll see on the way in. We also recommend the kiln-dried wood in a bag at the Weis Market in Hamlin. It’s easy to get going, it burns hot, and it’s about $5 for few hours worth of wood.