We stock the house with loads and loads of wood!! If we do happen to run out and you’d like to have a fire, please purchase some. Take a picture of the receipt and text it or email it to us. We will happily reimburse part of your rental fee to cover the wood.

You are welcome to use the fireplace and fire pit, but PLEASE clean them out after you use them as this is NOT included in the cleaning that the cleaning service performs. Simple use the ash bucket to clean out the fireplace and once cool transfer to the garbage can.

The damper is to be closed at all times that the fireplace is NOT being used, but always remember to OPEN the damper before lighting a fire or the house will quickly fill up with smoke. The damper is a bit tricky to find. It’s located right behind the outside brass facade of the fireplace. Place your palms on the top of the facade and wrap your fingers around the upper edge (like you’re going to lift the fireplace off the ground). There is a little opening where the damper is located. It is held in place by a latch. Pull the damper lever toward you and it should swing down and open.

The screen for the fire pit should be used at all times to comply with the community code. The community cracks down hard for not using it. The fine is $100 for the first offense and $200 for each additional. This will be take out of your security deposit if found to not be in compliance.