The keypad code is will be provided in your arrival email. To unlock, hit code provided and the lock button. To lock, simply press the lock button.

In case the keypad malfunctions there are two sets of keys in the lockbox on the back porch. Follow the deck on the right side of the house, turn the corner and head to the opposite side of the deck (where the stairs meet the deck). The lockbox is attached to the house. The key works all the outside doors on the house. We suggest only taking one set out so you always have access to a set in the lockbox, in case you should lock yourself out.

Place the vehicle placard in your car for your stay, this will act as your vehicle pass within the community. If you don’t see them or can’t find them, head to the main office and request replacements. The are usually pretty lenient about vehicle passes (We’ve never had anyone get fined for it), but if they happen to issue us a summons because of a vehicle not having a tag, we’ll have to subtract it from your deposit. I believe it’s a $100 fine. Again, it’s never happened, but it’s better to err on the side of caution.

Check-In Time: 3pm
Check-Out Time: 11am

Cell service is weak at the house. We have a landline telephone with free local calls. Long distance is 12 cents/minute.

We stock the house with starter rolls of toilet paper and paper towels.